Save rivers in Africa for migratory fish and people

  1. Swimway network: Create and drive a supportive network in order to help organisations, practitioners, managers across Africa to share knowledge and inspire one another;
  2. Free products and information: Provide the Swimway network with free information and tools that they can be used to support their activities that lead to opening up and restore rivers for migratory fish and people;
  3. Create awareness to influence policy: Stimulate the Swimway network to create awareness in their local regions and inspire action to influence policy;
  4. Start projects that open up rivers: Help the Swimway network to start projects that open up and restore free flowing rivers for migratory fish and people.

Together we will endeavour to connect people to rivers and fish, connect people with people and to show that it IS POSSIBLE to have electricity, food, water, jobs AND healthy rivers.

Above photo: Kerry Brink during the WFMD2018 press conference, South Africa (c) Wilco de Bruijne